And save on your life and auto insurance
Bring safety to your workplace!
Remote impairment screening
Essential for fleet owners, large companies and enterprises.
Real-time results - so company safety protocols can be put into place
Fast - checkups take only  few minutes
Efficient and affordable for companies of any size
How it works
Facial analysis
Step 3
Heart rate control
Step 6
Step 5
Cognitive test
Step 4
Company Dashboard
Video instruction
Step 1
Step 2
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Workplace safety management solution for fleet owners, large companies and enterprises
Alko Prevent helps businesses to develop a more proactive approach to workplace risk management and make sure that their employees are operating at the highest level of safety and security, while also reducing their overall insurance costs.
Who is it for?
High-risk jobs
Public transport
Airport services
Recruitment agencies
Security companies
Construction companies
Trucking & delivery
Sign up and system configuration
Mobile app installed for employees
Stakeholder informed in case an employee doesn't comply
The implementation process takes less than 1 day
Employees only needs
We use our complex AI models to combine image processing, heart rate, and speech anomaly detection with cognitive ability tests to make remote impairment screening easy, efficient, and affordable for businesses of any industry and size.
Employees only needs
60 seconds to sign in to the mobile app and make a checkup.
Safety and productivity
consume alcohol other substances?
It drops productivity by more than 50% and increases the risk of workplace accidents by 60%.
Statistics show that nearly 15% of remote workers
Save money and improve your corporate reputation!
It's simple, make sure that your employees are operating at the highest level of safety and security and use your 'digital sobriety certification' to save on your life and fleet insurance costs.
An efficient and proven solution
bring safety to your workplace
AI-powered mobile app designed to help you
* 14 days free trial period allows you to unsubscribe at any time.
A yearly access per one employee in case of 12 months upfront payment
Yearly access per employee in case of 24 months upfront payment
A TEST takes 60 seconds! Patent-pending technology based on our in-house developed AI models
Our checkup
Tamper detection
User identification
Stress level
Alcohol test
Heart rate analysis
Impairment screening
Fatigue estimation
Cognitive test
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