Alcolock is not terrible for drivers. It’s easy to cheat!

Jak oszukać auto lock czyli blokadę alkoholową ?

Alcolock is not terrible for drivers. It’s easy to cheat!

The devices commonly called “Auto locks” according to the regulations may be one of the salvations in regaining the right to drive a vehicle. For large transport companies, it is also one of the tools to reduce the problem of drinking and driving. Is an alcohol interlock a safe solution?

As auto lock manufacturers themselves admit, devices available on the market do not guarantee 100% effectiveness of the entire system. As research and opinions of the drivers themselves have shown, the auto lock system is easy to deceive.

Our task is, of course, not to tell the drivers of lorries how to bypass the system, but to pay close attention to transport companies how to solve this problem properly.

As the Alkolock24 company points out, “Most alcohol interlocks on the market are equipped with a service button that allows you to start the vehicle without the need for a sobriety test”

On the other hand, let’s not forget the problem of identifying the person who really measures …

How to cheat auto lock or alcohol lock?

How should the company assembling the car lock be sure that, for example, a sober driver’s colleague is not blowing? Going further, because one of the German drivers told us about such practices – how can we be sure that the air blown into the alcohol interlock device does not come from a balloon filled before drinking alcohol? There are also other forms of cheating the system, but for the sake of everyone we will not be that precise in the descriptions. Yes, unfortunately human nature is prone to cheating the system, breaking laws, and unfortunately all this is reflected in the statistics. According to police reports, the number of drunk driving detained in 2019 amounted to over 111,000. For the first time in 10 years, such a large increase has been recorded. Compared to 2018, there were over 6,000 more drunk drivers.

Overall, the threat is increasing for everyone. Both for public transport, logistics, courier and shipping companies, but also for all of us – pedestrians, children going to school or ordinary drivers.

However, it is worth mentioning how great the risk is borne by transport companies. Only one accident caused by an intoxicated driver with a company load can bring costs for the company amounting to several hundred thousand euros!

DWhy is this happening? It will not be possible to return from the AC and other insurance – cars / goods / third parties if the driver of such a vehicle is under the influence of alcohol. Let also remind you that there is no standard here, as in the case of most drivers – in our particular case it is supposed to be 0 ‰ !!!!!!!

So how do we not expose ourselves to such losses, which may cause bankruptcy and affect us and our families for the rest of our lives?

Alko Prevent has introduced an innovative solution to the problem of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Remote alcohol monitoring system with face recognition or Alko Prevent alcohol lock effectively increases the safety of companies, drivers, passengers and goods against the dangers of driving a vehicle after drinking alcohol.

Automatic monitoring of employee sobriety is based on:

  • Face recognition technology
  • Artificial Intelligence

The Alko Prevent system is highly effective and is profitable even for small businesses.

You definitely qualify for one of the two groups of carriers:

  • those whose problems have already been affected


  • those who can still effectively protect themselves against them thanks to Alco Prevent

With Alko Prevent alcohol monitoring systems, you do not run the risk of your employee cheating the measurement. Reliable technology recognizes the face and records the measurement, which is readable in real time. From now, no driver will deceive you anymore, and will not expose your company to huge losses.

The reliable Alko Prevent system will alert you immediately in the event of:

  • incompatibilities
  • positive result
  • ignored test

the system called by the manufacturer the alcohol lock cannot be deceived, additionally by the OBD II module, it will block the vehicle remotely.

All this to run the business in complete safety.