About us

Alko Prevent is a system that automatically monitors the sobriety of your employees and improves safety in business

The company’s primary goal is to improve the safety of companies, drivers, passengers, and goods. As well as protect against the dangers of alcohol consumption at work.

Safety of your employees

Remote control of employees’ sobriety

Increasing the responsibility of drivers

Savings for your business

Alko Prevent is a leader in intelligent systems for automatic monitoring of employees’ sobriety. Our advantage is based primarily on the technology of facial recognition using artificial intelligence. Alko Prevent is the winner of many awards, including prestigious awards: Award in the Security category TRANSEXPO – the 15th International Public Transport Fair, and Web Summit – the best technology conference in the world held annually in Lisbon. In 2021, the company received a distinction from the Polish editorial office of Forbes.

Our goal:

ZERO alcohol-related work accidents

Our Mission:

  • Increased security for companies, employees, third parties and goods.
  • Increasing the drivers’ responsibility
  • Significant improvement in the quality of recruitment
  • Termination of employee’s work upon detection of alcohol intoxication.

The safety of our customers and employees is our most important goal


Alko Prevent systems are distinguished by high efficiency. They are recognized as the best alternative to existing alcohol interlocks. Alko Prevent systems protect companies against business risks.

Our Awards:

TRANSEXPO – Distinction in the Safety category – XV International Fair of Public Transport
WEB SUMMIT – TOP 50 distinction among 1,500 startups at the largest technology conference in the world, which takes place in Portugal.